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I am excited to be hosting and leading two webinars entitled: Welcoming Students of All Abilities with Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski, the executive director of the CLC Network. Our first one will be tomorrow from 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. EST and you can register here.  We will be welcoming two Christian school administrator panelists, Megan Willink from Northpointe Christian and Mark Buteyn from Central Wisconsin Christian, who will be reflecting on their experiences and answering listener questions. Please join us!

Photo credit: CLC Network

My first blog post on CACE – Christian School Identity and Disability: Questions of Faith and Community lays out some reasons for my passion for this work and why I believe it is a critical issue for Christian schools to address. Elizabeth and I will be following up with three more blog posts on the topic and a February webinar.

During the webinar, Elizabeth will be talking about the new set of standards that CLC has developed. These standards are divided into three categories: community, collaboration, and culture. I have looked at them and think that they did a first rate job on them! These standards could be very helpful for any Christian school to use for self assessment.

Dan Beerens is a K-12 educational consultant and international speaker specializing in curriculum mapping and design, school improvement, teacher supervision and evaluation, and staff development. He is the author of “Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth: Creating a Culture of Motivation and Learning” published by Corwin Press.

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