A must tool for Christian schools!

Recently I have been talking to Christian schools about a fantastic new tool that is available to them for the first time. This tool is called CurriculumTrak, a software mapping program. I will cut right to the chase about why I am so excited about it:

  1. It was developed by a teacher who understands that teachers want to get to their information quickly – it is a one-click system for adds and changes. The template is customizable and easy to work with and change.
  2. The cost is unbeatable – similar commercial programs cost 4-6 times more per year. The annual fee is manageable and doable for Christian schools. (For example, one school I know of is paying around $6,000 a year for a commercial product and could be paying $1,200 a year for CurriculumTrak!)
  3. You can view other school’s maps – learn from the content, skills, assessments, essential questions, and resources they have identified. We can start sharing and stop reinventing the wheel! You simply need to click a box and open up your map.
  4. A new optional tool called LessonPlanner allows teachers to simply map by using a web-based weekly lesson planner. This really simplifies and decreases the time involved in getting your curriculum articulated.
  5. An increasing number of Christian schools are already on board and will be learning from each other.

Isn’t it time you get your curriculum articulated?

Isn’t it time we start working together and working smarter rather than harder?

For more information and to obtain a video demonstration of CurriculumTrak, go to www.curriculumtrak.com

Dan Beerens is a K-12 educational consultant and international speaker specializing in curriculum mapping and design, school improvement, teacher supervision and evaluation, and staff development. He is the author of “Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth: Creating a Culture of Motivation and Learning” published by Corwin Press.

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